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Current Yoga Schedule with Lisa Davidson Megidesh

Summer /Th classes through August 7. Watch for the fall schedule soon.

Summer 2014 Session Register Now!

Tuesday 6-7:15pm, Beginner Kripalu Yoga
7/8 - 8/5/14 in Framingham, at Whimsy on Rte. 9E

Tuesday 7:30-8:45pm, Master Kripalu Yoga
Resumes September 2014, Framingham

Thursday 6-7:15pm, Moderate Kripalu Yoga
6/26 - 8/7/14 at Open Spirit Center/Edwards Church in Saxonville
Drop-ins are welcome to Thurs. class for $19

5 week Tuesday series $80
7 week Thursday series $111
Please contact Lisa for registration or drop-in info.